Transatlantic Friends of Israel
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New AJC Site: Transatlantic Friends of Israel

AJC Berlin is excited to share a redesigned Transatlantic Friends of Israel (TFI) webpage hosted by the AJC Transatlantic Institute. The new design makes information more accessible and lists all of the currently 60 TFI members from parliaments around Europe, the US, Canada, and Israel. You can access the page here.

The Transatlantic Friends of Israel (TFI) is a cross-party, inter-parliamentary group dedicated to the postwar order of transatlantic security and cooperation bestowed on us by visionary American and European leaders. We are united in the conviction that Israel, the Middle East’s only liberal democracy, ought to be understood as an integral part of this vital security, political, and economic architecture.

We affirm that the alliance between Europe, the United States, Canada, and Israel is anchored in shared values, interests, and history. This partnership is a crucial vehicle to strengthen our security and prosperity and to protect the rules-based international order.

We recognize that the threats we face today – from rising extremism and terrorism to radical regimes and nuclear proliferation – require ever closer cooperation among our democracies. In this struggle, Israel is Europe’s and America’s first line of defense in a volatile region. With its first-class security services, cutting-edge high-tech sector, and thriving knowledge-based economy, the Jewish state is a vital ally and partner.

We urge Europe, the United States, Canada, and Israel to deepen their political, security and economic cooperation within the framework of a strong partnership. We refuse to allow the inevitable differences that arise even among the closest partners to jeopardize this bond.