AJC Berlin

AJC was the first global Jewish organization after WWII to engage with Germany. It did so in the belief that the Federal Republic’s successful democratization was bound to the important role it would play in Europe’s future. 

Following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, AJC again took the lead in supporting German reunification. AJC thus became the first American Jewish organization to establish a permanent presence in Germany. 

AJC Berlin works with a broad range of partners from all sectors of society to combat antisemitism and extremism and to strengthen German-Israeli and Transatlantic relations.

AJC’s office in Berlin engages with these political issues through hosting high-level exchange programs for decision-makers from politics, journalism and civil society, conferences and events, as well as active public relations work and the creation of briefing material. AJC Berlin works tirelessly to ensure that Germany is and remains a safe home for Jews.