AJC Global

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) was founded in 1906 in New York by American Jews, largely of German background, with the goal of advocating for the security of Jews and promoting democracy and human rights worldwide.

To this day, AJC is committed to promoting good governance, pluralism, and mutual respect across ethnic, religious and national borders.

Over a century later, with 25 regional offices in the United States, 14 international offices, and 38 international partnerships, AJC is the leading global Jewish advocacy organization with unparalleled access to decision makers.

AJC Europe coordinates the activities between the Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Warsaw offices as well as representatives in London, Prague, Rome, and Sofia. Presence in these important hubs allows AJC to help shape local political developments in the spirit of our democratic values worldwide.

You can keep up to date on current campaigns and statements on antisemitism, extremism, interreligious questions and human rights here.