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Statement by American Jewish Committee Berlin on Iran's Military Attack on Israel

Berlin, April 14, 2024 - On Saturday night, Iran launched an unprecedented military attack on Israel. Supported by the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon and other proxies, the Iranian regime fired over 300 missiles and drones targeting Israeli territory. Although the majority of these were intercepted by the Israeli military and its allies, Iran's direct military attack still represents an enormous threat to the security of Israel and its citizens.

AJC Berlin Director Dr. Remko Leemhuis made the following statement regarding Iran's attack on Israel: "This attack is in no way justifiable and is a deliberate and direct escalation by the Mullah regime of the situation in the Middle East. In these difficult times, we stand more firmly than ever with Israel, which has every right, and indeed an obligation, to defend its citizens against this aggression. It should also be remembered that the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7 and the subsequent attacks by the Houthi rebels and Hezbollah on the Jewish state, which continue to this day, would not have been possible without Iran's financial and logistical support. The aggressors in this conflict are in Tehran, not in Jerusalem."

With regard to German and European policy, Leemhuis continued: "It is no secret that Iran and its proxies also pose a danger here in Germany and throughout Europe, especially for Jews. This was demonstrated not least by the arson attack commissioned by Iran on a synagogue in Bochum. But the antisemitic fanatics in Tehran and their agents also pose an immense threat to Iranian dissidents who have courageously protested against the Tehran regime in recent years, as well as to the entire society. It is long overdue for the EU to put the Islamic Revolutionary Guard on its terror list. The German government should take the lead here within the European community of states and drive this forward. The German authorities must also finally close the Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH), which has been known for years to be Iran's most important outpost in Europe, and expel the regime's representatives there. After yesterday's attack on Israel at the latest, there can be no more excuses."

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