German-Israeli Relations Position
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German-Israeli Relations

The special relationship between Israel and Germany was forged by history.  After difficult beginnings, the relationship today is characterized by close cooperation and diverse exchange. For decades, AJC has worked not only to foster this relationship, but to deepen and expand it across a broad range of areas.

The core aspects of AJC Berlin’s work include providing information about the history, achievements, and diverse facets of the Jewish state, standing up for Israel’s security domestically and internationally, and defending it against attacks and strengthening its position within international organizations.

AJC Berlin in action

AJC Berlin is convinced that direct dialogue and firsthand insight make a decisive contribution in better understanding the Jewish state. In this spirit, AJC Berlin, together with AJC Project Interchange, organizes trips for decision makers in parliament, ministries, civil society, and the field of journalism to facilitate direct exchange with high-level interlocutors from all areas of society, providing insights into the contemporary politics, security situation, and civil society in Israel.

Since 1994, AJC has maintained a partnership with the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) and promoted exchange between both countries’ military leaders in order to strengthen the German-Israeli security and strategic partnership.

At the same time,  AJC Berlin informs decision makers from German civil society and the political sphere with events and publications on current developments and the German-Israeli relationship.

In addition, AJC Berlin provides information about antisemitic campaigns directed against the Jewish state, such as the activities of the BDS campaign, which calls for boycott, divestments, and sanctions against the State of Israel.